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Facts on Fetal Heartbeat 

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 What is a Fetal Doppler?

  •  Fetal Dopplers are the small devices your OB uses to hear the Fetal Heartbeat at your check ups.

  • Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitors provide a non-invasive diagnostic procedure to detect and measure fetal heart rates. These monitors work on the principal of the Doppler Effect. The Doppler Effect refers to the fact that sound pitch increases as the source moves toward the listener and decreases as it moves away. A good example is how a car sounds as it drives by, the change in sound is the doppler effect. 

  • Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitors utilize a transducer commonly referred to as a probe containing piezoelectric crystals. These probes send a series of short sound pulses into the body and pauses between each pulse to listen for the returning sounds. The Fetal Doppler then determines the direction and depth of each returning sound and coverts this into an audible output. Thousands of these pulses are computed and converted every second to produce a sound representative of the fetal heart beat. The sounds produced by the Fetal Doppler are not the actual sound of the fetal heart, but a representation of the fetal heart.

  • FetalSure supplies Medical Grade Dopplers which are used by physicians and midwives throughout the world.  

Are All Fetal Dopplers the Same?

Facts about Fetal Heartbeat?

  • The fetal heart beats at a rate between 120 and 160 bpm (beats per minute). 

  • Is it a Boy or a Girl, the old wives tale suggest that fetal heart rates above 140 bpm are a sure sign it's going to be a girl and fetal heart rates below 140 bpm mean it's a boy.  This "theory" is based on the fact that girls have higher metabolisms than boys, unfortunately there is no statistical proof to verify this tale.  Facts on Fetal Heartbeat  

When Can I use a Fetal Doppler

  • You can begin to pickup the fetal heartbeat between 8 to 9 weeks with a Fetal Doppler.

  • A majority of Fetal Doppler renters start around weeks 12 to 13 and keep the units until the deliver.

  • Doctors suggest mothers wait until at least weeks 13 to 14.

  • With FetalSure the longer you rent the less you pay.  The monthly rental rates go down the longer you rent the Fetal   Doppler. The best part is that you do not prepay to take advantage of the savings.


  • The American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine on Fetal Doppler Safety States "There are no confirmed biological effects on patients or instrument operators caused by exposures from present diagnostic ultrasound instruments. Although the possibility exists that such biological effects may be identified in the future, current data indicate that the benefits to patients of the prudent use of diagnostic ultrasound outweigh the risks, if any, that may be present."

  • Mayo clinic on Fetal DopplerSafety further states "Because it doesn't involve potentially harmful radiation, ultrasound is safe for both mother and baby."

  • More information on Fetal Doppler Ultrasound can be found at the March of Dimes "Quick Reference and Fact Sheets " on Ultrasound

Working with Doctors

  • Remember that the Fetal Doppler does not replace the need to monitor the child's progress with a professional caregiver. This website provides information and is designed for informational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.

  • Parents should not use the Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitors in any way for diagnostic or other medical purposes .

  • FetalSure Medical Grade Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitors are not intended and should not be used as a substitute for regular prenatal care by medical practitioners. Any concerns about your pregnancy should be addressed to your medical practitioner.

  • FetalSure Medical Grade Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitors are provided for home use by expecting mothers with the approval of their medical practitioner. Please discuss the use of the FetalSure Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitor with your medical practitioner before renting.





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