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Early Fetal Heart Development

Angiogenic Cell Clusters are the building blocks of what will become a fetal heart tube known as the primitive heart tube. The primitive heart tube develops around three to four weeks and goes through an incredible transformation transforming into a four-chamber heart. The heart begins to beat on approximately the twenty-second day, which corresponds to the 5th week of 40 week pregnancy based on LMP.

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Early Fetal Heart Development: 0-9 Weeks

Heart Tube Formation

Fetal Heart Development


Fetal Heart Rates

Starting at week 5 the fetal heart will accelerate at a rate of 3.3 beats per day for the next month.

The fetal heart begins to beat at approximately the same rate as the mothers, which is 80 to 85 bpm. Below illustrates the approximate fetal heart rate for weeks 5 to 9, assuming a starting rate of 80

  • Week 5 starts at 80 and ends at 103 bpm

  • Week 6 starts at 103 and ends at 126 bpm

  • Week 7 starts at 126 and ends at 149 bpm

  • Week 8 starts at 149 and ends at 172 bpm

At week 9 the fetal heartbeat tends to beat within a range of 155 to 195 bpm.

The fetal heart rate will begin to decrease and generally will fall within the range of 120 to 160 bpm by week 12. 

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Gender Prediction

Is it a Boy or a Girl, the old wives tale suggest that fetal heart rates above 140 bpm are a sure sign it's going to be a girl and fetal heart rates below 140 bpm mean it's a boy.  This "theory" is based on the fact that girls have higher metabolisms than boys, unfortunately there is no statistical proof to verify this tale and in fact the evidence indicates that therre is no relationship between heart rate and sex.

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Facts on Fetal Heartbeat 


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